No meat, all the glory. 

To us, cricket powder is the ultimate protein & nutrient source. It combines sustainability and high-end nutrition to fuel your active lifestyle. 

The perfect protein source

70% protein, all amino acids

Highly absorbable


Crickets produce 99% less greenhouse effect than cows (United Natinos, 2014)

Optimal nutrition

Naturally high in B12 vitamin, Iron, anti oxydants, fiber

Easy to cook

A malty nutty flavor, add one spoon to every meal to make it a protein and vitamin boost

Our happy, sustainable crickets.

Our crickets are raised in a specialized farm for human consumption  in France, controlled and analyzed regularly. They are fed exclusively with organic ingredients, without any pesticides or GMOs. 

Their diet: cereals and vegetables handpicked to ensure the highest quality.They live pleasantly at their own pace, then are harvested, washed, dried and reduced to fine powder. There is no process or chemical transformation, and nothing is wasted: everything is good in the cricket. 

A few studies show that insects don't suffer. Even if we question today the notion of suffering in animals wellbeing, insect don't know our type of suffering for sure. 

Insect diseases can not be transmitted to humans, because they are too different. 

Know everything about insects, their amazing nutrition and environmental facts :