What are the benefits of incorporating cricket powder into your diet?

Your body says thank, and the planet too! Crickets produce  99% less greenhouse effect than cows (FAO, 2014), while being packed with 3 x more protein. Their breeding requires little space, little water and little food. They are rich in:nutrients, such as vitamin B12 that helps reduce fatigue and brain functionfiberscomplete protein (all amino acids) and omega-3. 

Where do your crickets come from ? 

Our crickets are 100% made in France and local. They come from an organic farm located in the South of France. The goal of this farm: zero waste, short and healthy circuits. Crickets are fed with fruits without pesticides or GMO.

What does our organic cricket powder taste like ? 

Are you cricket organic and how ?

We can not yet have the organic label because the biological specifications do not exist yet for crickets. However, they are certified "fed exclusively with organic ingredients."

Is there a risk of eating edible insects?

Insects enter the diet of 2 billion people (UN, 2014). It is a common dish in some countries of Asia, Africa and South America. Moreover, even a person who does not consume it voluntarily eats nearly 500g per year through fruits and vegetables for example. The E120 food colorant used in many sweets is also made from cochineal.

Why can people with allergies to crustaceans be allergic to cricket?

The shell of crickets is composed of chitin, which is also present in crustaceans. As a result, people with allergies to crustaceans may be allergic to crickets. If you are allergic to crustaceans, do not hesitate to consult an allergist to see if you can consume edible insects.

How long is the shelf life of your products ?  

Our cricket powder : 1,5 year / Our cricket protein bar : 4 months / Our protein pancake : 2 years / Our cricket protein spread : 6 months 

How long is the shelf life of your products ?  

Our cricket powder is naturally packed with 70% complete proteins. No transformation, no isolate or incomprehensible words to obtain a protein powder. Our crickets are bred with love and respect for nature, grilled and then reduced to powder. A super food naturally powering athletes : 
- it contains the 9 essential amino acids (BCAAs), essential for the construction and muscle repair
- it's rich in vitamin B12 which contributes to reduce the fatigue, to the good functioning of the nervous system and that 'is not found naturally in plant based protein

-  is rich in fiber

-  is rich in omega-3 

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