High protein cricket powder
High protein cricket powderHigh protein cricket powderHigh protein cricket powderHigh protein cricket powderHigh protein cricket powderHigh protein cricket powder

Add one tablespoon (15g) to all your meals, juice, smoothies, salads, muesli, bowls... to boost your day with a complete portion of protein and micro nutrients. 

  • 100% quality, made in France

  • Neutral nutty taste

  • High in protein, perfect for muscle building

  • Rich in B12 vitamin

  • Rich in essential amino acids

  • Lactose & gluten free


Our cricket powder is  naturally high in complete protein (70%) with all essential amino acids, rich in vitamin B12, E, Zinc, Omega 3 & 6. It is also a sustainbale protein source (99% less greenhouse effect than cows, UN, 2014), locally grown & controlled in France


All our products are natural, with 80% organic ingredients, made in France and free from : gluten, lactose, additives, preservatives, made in France. We select a few powerful ingredients to guarantee you the best quality and taste. Our crickets are raised in a specialized farm for human food in France, and fed exclusively with organic ingredients, without pesticides or GMOs. Our recipes are our added value, they are formulated with nutrition expert and a nutritionist to offer you the best of nutrition and taste. 


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A tiny but powerful ingredient

The perfect protein source

70% protein, all amino acids

Highly absorbable


Crickets produce 99% less greenhouse effect than cows (United Natinos, 2014)

Optimal nutrition

Naturally high in B12 vitamin, Iron, anti oxydants, fiber

Easy to cook

A malty nutty flavor, add one spoon to every meal to make it a protein and vitamin boost

Frequently asked questions

How can I use the cricket powder

Add one spoon to your smoothie, juice, salads, cakes... anything but water itself. 

When is it best to use the cricket powder ? 

1h before a work out/ run, or just after a work out / run. It is also the perfect replacement to meat or veggie protein in any meal. Just add one spoon.