Cricket protein bar - hazelnut & chocolate 12 PACK
Cricket protein bar - hazelnut & chocolate 12 PACKCricket protein bar - hazelnut & chocolate 12 PACKCricket protein bar - hazelnut & chocolate 12 PACKCricket protein bar - hazelnut & chocolate 12 PACK

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Fuel your trainings and adventure with our 10g protein bar. Get all the pleasure of a raw, real food brownie taste packed with complete protein and nutrient. 45g

Ingredients : date paste, hazelnuts, almonds, dry crickets powder, dark chocolate (54% chocolate, cacao butter, sugar), cacao powder, honey. 

Allergens : People allergic to crustaceans, moluscs can be allergic to crickets

  • Only 6 powerful ingredients 

  • Finger licking brownie taste

  • raw quality, natural ingredients

  • High in protein, fiber, B12

  • 12% cricket powder

  • No lactose, gluten, additives, preservatives


Our cricket powder is  naturally high in complete protein (70%) with all essential amino acids, rich in vitamin B12, E, Zinc, Omega 3 & 6. It is also a sustainbale protein source (99% less greenhouse effect than cows, UN, 2014), locally grown & controlled in France


All our products are natural, with 80% organic ingredients, made in France and free from : gluten, lactose, additives, preservatives, made in France. We select a few powerful ingredients to guarantee you the best quality and taste. Our crickets are raised in a specialized farm for human food in France, and fed exclusively with organic ingredients, without pesticides or GMOs. Our recipes are our added value, they are formulated with nutrition expert and a nutritionist to offer you the best of nutrition and taste. 


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Powerful ingredients

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium,potassium and anti oxydants that help the immune & cognitive to to function well : a real mood booster that reduces cravings. Plus, it contains cafein and theobromine that helps reduce fatigue

Roasted hazelnuts

Hazelnut is rich in plant sterols that help lower bad cholesterol, has a low glycemic index (15). Plus, it's rich in vitamin E that strengthens the immune system !

Cricket powder

Packed with complete protein, fiber, anti oxydants and high levels of B12, our cricket powder is your ultimate ally for a sustainable boost


Honey is a great source of all-natural energy and  antioxidants that may help prevent cellular damage and loss within the brain. It's a natural antibiotic


Almonds contains healthy fats, fiber, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. They lower blood sugar levels,  blood pressure, cholesterol levels and hunger


Cocao is rich in antioxydants, is a mood booster and reduces cravings