Sweet potato avocado toast with cricket powder

A quick healthy starter

... Or dinner 😈, when it's the middle of the week and you don't know what to cook : sweet potato avocado toast, of course ! With an extra alternative protein and nutrient boost thanks to our cricket powder. 

patate douce toast avocat

Very easy to cook, a nice way to satisfy your cravings after a long day


1 big sweet potato
1 avocado
2 tbsp of Inpulse cricket powder
Olive oil
Half of a lemon juice


Rince and cut the sweet potato into 1cm slices
Brush it with some olive oil
Place in the oven at 180° from 15 to 20 minutes, until tender
Finish it off with grill for 5 min
Place avocado, lemon, Inpulse cricket powder and chives in a bowl and smash until a nice consistance 
Spread on toasts, and enjoy 😋


📸 @megeatsworld

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