Oven stuffed doughnut 🍩

Life is for celebrating ! And today we celebrate fat 😋 .

If you want a nice & lighter version of oven baked doughnut, here is a version of @maes_lift recipe with cricket powder


doughnut protein cricket healthy


  • 260 of flour 
  • 40g of cricket powder
  • 1 egg
  • 25g of fresh yeast
  • 100ml of milk (plant based if you want a lactose free)
  • 1 pinch of Himalayan salt
  • 30g margarine enriched with Omega 3 (or simple butter)
  • Sugar of your choice: coconut sugar, vanilla flavor ...
  • a little milk for the glazing 


Start by warming your milk, and stir the fresh yeast in for 5 / 10min

👉 During this time, mix together the flour, the cricket powder, the salt, as well as the sweetener of your choice

👉Then add the egg, mix, and once the dough has become a little dry, incorporate yeast + milk

👉Continuous mixing with your robot (or by hand)

👉Then add the margarine or butter ointment and knead well together for 5min

👉Let the dough rest for one hour in a warm place

👉spread the dough on a plane surface and cut out circles

👉BE CAREFUL: your dough must be very flat, 1,5cm, otherwise your donuts will not go up ...!

👉Once your donuts are formed, let them rest again 1h warm

👉Once the time is up, put a bit of milk on top, and bake them for 8min at 180 °

👉Once the donuts are out of the oven, using a brush, cover them with cold water, to keep all their softness (DO NOT ZAP THIS STEP)

👉If desired, dip them in sugar, stevia, or even a sugar / cinnamon mixture ...

👉For stuffed donuts, after letting them rest 10min, stuff them with a piping bag.

This recipe allows you to make 5 donuts (big enough as you can see in the photo)

👉Use fresh yeast rather than baker's yeast because it allows more mellow donuts (and especially no baking powder!)
👉Macros per donut: G: 39.2g / L: 6.5g / P: 10.4g / Kcal: 263


See the original recipe on the blog of Maelift here 

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