Are insects a Vegan and vegetarian protein ?

Why an article on insects protein and vegan and vegetarian diet ?

We have been asked a lot of times if our cricket powder based protein are for Vegan and Vegetarian. 

For us, yes since it is supporting the 2 main motivations (© 2017 public actif) of people who are putting out of their diet animals based proteins :
- Crualty Free (40%)
- Environment care (17%)

The cricket powder proteins is cruelty free and produce 99% less greenhouse effect than cows (UN, 2014 report)

Let me share with you my yesterday night experience ! I was at my friend Virginie house!

Veggie diner as always as she put out of her diet meat 20 years ago. I was in charge of cooking the “aperitif”, and I brought an avocado cricket powder dip style with crakers, the latest recipe inpulse protein (Find it out on our insta).

Are insects a vegan and vegetarian proteins ?

Are insects protein a protein that is fitting to vegan diet ! It has been the full diner discussion ! We went through different steps before finding a friendly consensus on this natural protein.

What is the exact definition of vegan ?

We agreed on the one of the vegan society : “all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose”. It was making sense for the four of us .

Are the cricket suffering ?

Here was her next question : are the cricket suffering ? I asked myself the same question a while ago … I read a lot of articles, science report, declaration, spoke with biologists and got the same answer :
“Insects do not feel pain”, (Hans Smid of Wageningen University,NL). Cricket protein is natural and is a cruality free protein ! Even though we have to keep in min that pain is a notion that scientist are still working on, and they might be other way they do feel that we don't know yet. 

Why cricket powder is a cruality free protein ?

But why ? Virginie asked me about what is different with insects from others animals ? I dive into detailed explanations to conclude : “We have pain receptors which send signals to our brain. The limbic system controls the emotional response of pain, and insects lack of neurological structures responsible for translating negative simuli : they cannot feel pain. At this time, she was not so convince : “are you sure” ?

I explained the work done by “Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences” and
above all the conclusion explaining that the “neural organization of insects and observation ofbehavior does not appear to support the occurrence of insects of a pain of state.”

I saw her face light up again and she moved to asking on the nutritional benefit of eating insects protein and especially cricket protein powder !

Do insect proteins answer to nutrients needs of vegan and vegetarian ?

Crickets powder a protein of quality with all the essential amino acids but what about the nutrients. Virginie shared that she was struggling to have the right intake of fiber, to find omega 6 and a source of vitamin B12. She had to go through dietary supplement (never natural) and she was in deficiency of nutrient impacting her considerably on her daily life !

Why cricket powder protein is a B12 vitamin exceptional source ?

In 13 grs of cricket powder there is more than 100% of the daily needs of B12 ! You can find B12 vitamin only in animal based products. Virginie is missing vitamin B12 (as all vegan and vegetarian).

However, it is needed to maintain in good health our nervous system and our psychological functions. But not only, it has a positive impact on our energy, on our immunitary system …

Any others nutrients ?

She asked me naturally with a little smile “Anything else ?” ! Do you have all the night ? In the cricket powder you will find iron, zinc, phosphore a good ratio omega 3 & 6, Vitamins … Everything you needs and natural.

You said all the essential amino acid in the cricket powder protein ?

She came back on my quote “Crickets powder a protein of quality with all the essential amino acids”.
She make me laugh ! “When you said it is a complete protein, you mean that you do not need to calculate the ratio between the different alternatives proteins you put in your meal ?”. Quick answer for me, “No need!”, you have all the essential amino acid in the cricket powder protein and Inpulse design the perfect natural portion for your body and the planet !

You said the planet ? Cricket powder protein is good for the planet ?

Virginie shared her concerns about environment, the emergency to turn out the trend. Her eco- conscious concern became higher and higher with the arrival of a baby girl in the family !

Cricket protein powder and sustainable protein good for the environment ?
Crickets protein produce 99% less greenhouse effect than cows (UN, 2014 report), needs 15 000 times less water than cows ! 1kg of feed for 1 kg of cricket only (versus 10kg for 1kg of meat protein).

Cricket powder protein is just the most sustainable protein source available !
Few secs of silence, it is a lot of information to digest, I saw Virgin

ie take a crackers and spread the avocado cricket powder dip and tasted it !

She look at me and said : “On the top of that it is tasty” !
It was yesterday night and the Inpulse protein cricket based powder convince a vegan and vegetarian.

Why not others veggies ?





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